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AVBOB FCJ Excellence Awards for 2023 – Finalists

The Forum of Community Journalists is excited to announce the finalists of the AVBOB FCJ Excellence Awards for 2023 and this year many new names appear for the first time. After almost six weeks of hard work and working through 531 entries, the panel of 24 judges, led...

Call for Entries – The FCJ Excellence Awards – 2023

The AVBOB FCJ Excellence Awards – 2023 Presented by the Forum of Community Journalists NPC   ABOUT THE COMPETITION The AVBOB FCJ Annual Excellence Awards is aimed at encouraging excellence and rewarding meritorious work in local and community print media. Only...

AVBOB FCJ announces winners of 2022 Annual Excellence Awards

Winners: AVBOB FCJ Excellence Awards for 2022 The AVBOB FCJ Excellence Awards, hosted by the Forum of Community Journalists NPC (FCJ), has become a well-known event in the media industry with the number of individual entries almost doubling from last year. The 2022...

Forum of Community Journalists

FCJ South African

The Forum of Community Journalists’ main object is to promote the interest of and nurture excellence in printed community journalism through a national programme of diversity, development and growth. The FCJ will strive to deepen its credibility among all sectors of South African society and be guided by the principles of non-racialism, equity and high ethical standards.


Purpose of FCJ
(Forum of Community Journalists)

Knowledge Sharing:

The FCJ in South Africa serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices among journalists working at the community level. This could include tips on local reporting, community engagement strategies, and storytelling techniques.


The FCJ can facilitate networking amongst journalists, helping them connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators. Networking can be valuable for career development and for building a support system within the field.

Resource Sharing:

Journalists often need access to resources such as data, sources, or tools. The FCJ is a place where members share resources and provide recommendations for useful tools or contacts.

Discussion and Debate:

The FCJ provides a space for discussing current events, issues, and challenges facing community journalists in South Africa. These discussions can help journalists stay informed and engaged with the broader media landscape.

Training and Development:

The FCJ offers training opportunities, workshops, or webinars to help community journalists improve their skills and stay updated on industry trends.

I think journalism is a great way to do public service, to have an impact on your community.

– Bob Schieffer